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Latest Reviews

Cust Photo
Ty Strehlow
Ryan and Bull Falls HD did an awesome job in making it feel welcome to the dealership and was able to get us on a bike. Overall great dealer. Would recommend!
Cust Photo
david cole
With ageing comes changes. The leg strength and balance challenges of last year continued into this year. Our ride on June 15th of this year revealed the writing was on the wall. My wife and I went directly to Bull Falls Harley Davidson. With one hour before closing we were greeted by Christian De Jong and began the search. As a brand new 2024 model was beyond our budget we proceeded to used choices. There were 2 gotta haves, black and chrome, Vance and Hines, as always. Surprisingly, out of the 4 choices, that criteria was met. The trike was striking, but, still a bit beyond budget. With such an important decision I searched other options exhaustingly and narrowed it down to 3 others I wanted to see. Christian followed up with me on the next business day 2 days later. I expressed my situation and other choices. He managed to match a price of another dealer for same year trike and 'gotta' haves. Christian offered some good points against my 2 other choices and was very persistent in a pleasant way. Christian simply asked me to stop back in on my way to take a look at another trike many miles away. Because of Christians determination and personable manner, we did just that. Upon arriving Christian now had us within our budget, on a very fair deal. Christian provided much appreciated facts and information as well, and after many cups of coffee and hours, we rode home on that Ultra Glide. I guess it was meant to be. Had it not been for Christian I am not sure which other option I would have chosen. I wish to sincerely thank this fine young man. He saved me a lot of time and made what was turning into a head spin fiasco easy. Thankyou Christian.
Cust Photo
Tracie Rajek
I cant express how thankful I am for the quick response from the Service Team! My Softail developed an oil leak I couldnt find. Riley got me in the next day and the team was able to fix the problem. But it doesnt stop thereRiley actually listened to me while I talked his ear off. He knew I was about to embark on a cross country journey and he made sure my bike was ready and in good operating condition, including much needed tires and a burnt out turn signal bulb. Thank you for helping me get back on my healing journey! (Employee: Riley Moscherosch)
Cust Photo
Kevin Stanton
GIANT SHOUT OUT to the Bull Falls HD service team. I developed a front fork oil leak on the ride up north. With 1 phone call they got me in for service in 20 minutes and 2.5 hours later I was back on the road. They saved my trip!!
Cust Photo
Brett Thebo
Nice, friendly people and good fast service hope the new bike treats me good and will be back to meet the team ..thanks again for the nice ultra classic
Cust Photo
Bryan Kriehn
Very informative and knowledgeable with the hd line.he helped me decide which bike was best for me since I was stock between 2 model's. Much appreciated the experience. (Employee: Dustin Perry)
Cust Photo
John Napierala
Great HD dealer I am always treated with professional and friendly service always great to visit ! (Employee: Barty Crowell, Carmen Dittenbrenner, Cora Glass, Dan Vogel, Dave Firkus, Dixie Kinnard, DMC C, Duane K, Dustin Perry, Emi Engle, Erik Vandervest, Jesse The Man in the Back, Joe LaFortune, Jordan Langmayer, Jose Hunt, Marcus m, Meyer Just Meyer, Morgana Mouzon, Riley Moscherosch, Ronzo The Amazing, Ryan Ryan, Seth Mathews , Tom Tom)
Cust Photo
michael krueger
Nothing but professionalism from Dustin and Ryan in sales. They got me to the bike I wanted. Thanks guys A big 5 stars from me (Employee: Dustin Perry)
Cust Photo
robert wheatley
Dustin many thanks for getting the ball rolling ,and setting me up with Ryan a most capable sales professional. My visit was fantastic everyone was first rate the store is a class act. Many thanks to all . Bob W.
Cust Photo
Stanley Brown
An incredible experience all the way around. I just bought my second bike from Bull Falls and won't shop anywhere else. I've listed a few of the folks I've worked with the most but the entire team is amazing. I feel like part of the family every time I walk in the door (Employee: Emi Engle, Cora Glass, Marcus m, Jose Hunt)

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Bull Falls Harley-Davidson® of Wausau

We are a certified new Harley-Davidson dealership located in Rothschild, Wisconsin. Now under new ownership and looking forward to serve the Wausau and surrounding areas with all of our Harley-Davidson services. We stock all types of new Harley-Davidson motorcycles for sale: Touring (Road Glide, Street Glide and Ultra), Cruiser, CVO, Softail, Sportster, and Street. We sell Harley-Davidson trikes, too! If we don’t have the bike you want in stock, don’t worry. Just check out our full lineup of available Harley-Davidson models. Looking for an older model? We’ve got you covered with a huge selection of pre-owned Harley-Davidson motorcycles for sale. Of course, we know Harley-Davidson is more than a motorcycle brand; it’s a community. That’s why we also offer Riding Academy courses, carry Harley-Davidson merchandise, and even host meetings for the Central Wisconsin H.O.G. Chapter. So contact us today, whether you’re looking for a new motorcycle, service or parts for your current bike, or just fellow Harley enthusiasts. Bull Falls Harley-Davidson® is your one-stop source for the Harley-Davidson lifestyle.

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